The Indian government is exploiting Kashmiris even during the Holy Ramadan,Shahid Majeed

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Shahid Majeed Advocate, organizer of Kashmir Solidarity Forum Japan, said that the Kashmiri people were being exploited by the Indian government during the holy month of Ramadan.
In a statement, Shahid Majeed Advocate demanded an end to the inhumane acts of the Indian Army and warned the international community that the Corona virus would not die unless the atrocities in Kashmir were stopped.
He said that the Indian Army was pursuing a policy of violating justice and human values.
He said that the people of Kashmir have been living under the ban on the deadly corona virus since August 5 and the Indian Army is shedding the blood of Kashmiris even in this dire situation. And it is the worst violation of human rights.
Advocate Shahid Majeed said that Kashmiri people have been demanding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Kashmir dispute from India for the last seven decades in accordance with UN resolutions, but the power-hungry Indian rulers do not care about justice and peace. ۔

یہ بھی پڑھیے: کورونا وائرس کی دوا دریافت کرلی گئی ۔ایک اور ملک کا دعویٰ

He said that the Indian government has given free rein to its army to massacre unarmed Kashmiris. The brutality with which the Indian army is shedding the blood of Kashmiri youth clearly shows India’s aggressive intentions towards Kashmir.
He said that the occupying Indian army has continued its series of repressive operations even during the holy month of Ramadan.
He strongly condemned the evil policies of the Indian rulers and the repressive actions of the Indian Army and appealed to the United Nations Secretary-General, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, international human rights organizations and the world’s liberal nations to be liberal. Do your part to save the Kashmiris from the atrocities of the Indian Army and to resolve the Kashmir dispute in its historical context.

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